It's Panda Day Everyday!

Pandora Jade. That is what I named my first born. Unfortunately as gruesome as this may sound... she did not make it, but I am ever so thankful that despite the fact she did not survive earth only means she will be in my heart forever.

Enough with sadness... I just wanted to post something about Panda. This is my baby girl's spirit animal! Unique and very rare... they are fun and always doing silly stuff! I think my Panda (short for Pandora) would have had the same attitude!

I just wanted to post this picture I took today as I find myself collecting a lot of Panda and Customized products it helps me keep my baby girls's memory alive with these customized products it truly helped me cope, and I still am!

 In this picture, I am holding a knock off brand of yeti tumbler where you can get cheap in Walmart (works just the same!) a friend of a friend of mine had started a business making customized tumblers! I paid $46, but she did a lot of hard work (took about a week to make for perfection!) She used a tool called a rotisserie and used glitters and topped it with Epoxy. Such a talented girl she is! viola! my finished product. I think its the absolute cutest! I've reached out to her to see if I can feature her products on Pandora's Knick Knacks but she said she will think about it. Eitherway, I would still recommend buying from her! She is very creative and talented. You can find her facebook page "Oh So Basic"! Drop by and let me know what you think! She is shipping only in the US, but if someone wants out of the US she will still do it, just pay shipping!

I would love to be able to sell these tumblers to my angel mommies or rainbow mommies! It would be such a beautiful customized product with such finesse and wit! I hope one day she will allow me to sell her products! :)

I also wanted to talk about is my necklace! Looooove looove love it. I have been wearing ever since I received it which is 3 days ago! Panda pendant with black and white Swarovski crystals. The necklace length is about 18 inches (fits my perfect fat neck!). I got it on sale from some $1 website and paid 0.99 cents. I honestly forgot where! Free shipping of course!

Are you looking to buy customized products? do you sell them? come and see my website, you may find what you don't need but buy them anyway just because. :)

Panda's Mama