Who knows?


My hubby and I were planning to go somewhere next weekend. Little did he know that while telling him my ideas of the places I wanna go, it makes me so nervous because maybe next weekend who knows we would get the worst news…?

I haven’t received anything regarding my application… Who know maybe next week, we wont be able to enjoy our trip because I have to go away?

Im so scared. Until now we don’t have anything. No progress, no acceptance of application… and it has been 6 days since they received it.

I don’t know what my future brings. Am i not gonna be able to spend thanks giving and christmas with my hubby? or maybe I have to leave the country nd not see him for a long time?

I am so freaking out right now.

Justin Bieber 51 y/o Pedophile



First time I ever saw Justin Bieber was on this video. I didn’t even know he was the one who sang “U smile”.

The aggravating thing about this video is I actually believed this crap. I just realized it wasn’t true when I searched for real news networks.

It’s meant as a joke obviously.


Winter Breeze


Ber is here. Actually like a month ago… but it just dawned on me that the ber months are finally here just because of the weather.

As I feel the cool breeze… I get so excited by getting to experience my first thanks giving holiday with my hubby and his family. The first Black friday… at the same time I get so down for thinking that I might not be able to spend christmas with them.

If I do spend christmas in Hong Kong, it would be a sad, lonely christmas… Another christmas without my hubby. Another cold christmas in the cold city.